Come Flash Mob With Us!

Zombie Guide to Make-up and Costuming

Costume Ideas

Here are some great ideas for finding your Inner Zombie:

Flamenco Dancer, Librarian, Star Trek Crew Member, Bride, Samba Dancer, Marilyn Monroe, Sexy Vixen, Tourist, Elvis Presley, Hooker/Pimp, Biker,  ZombieCowgirl,  Square Dancer, Hazmat Zombie, Yuppie, Football Player, 20’s Flapper, Prom Queen, Student, Prisoner, Zombie Cheer Leader, Rastafarian, Bollywood Dancer, Boy/Girl Scout, Karate Fighter, Any Kind of Uniform, Belly Dancer, Bull Fighter, Disco Dancer, Hockey Player, Any Movie Star, Surfer, Cop, Golfer, Mailman, Hospital Patient, Gun Slinger, Bank Robber, Referee, Pirate, Construction Worker, Test Car Dummy, James Dean, Clown, Candy Striper, Doctor/Nurse, Indiana Jones, Scuba/Snorkel Diver, Hoola Dancer, Titanic Victim, RockClimber, Golfer, Tennis Player, Football Player, Cheerleader, Marching Band Musician, Hippie, Disco Dancer